Elastic Style Face Mask

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🚨 Please read ALL info below! 🚨

* Turn around is about a week maybe sooner. It also depends where your order falls in line as to how long it’ll be out. We make them in the order they come in. We are also a family with 2 littles so please take that into account as well. 

*If you chose to pick up, please message us on Facebook for pick up arrangements. The store front is still not open. So everything is going out of the house at the moment. 

* We will not be making kids size masks. I am focusing more on women’s and men’s for work, grocery runs ect.. However, I have made a women’s tie style for my 6 yr old and it fits since it can be adjusted through the ties. Please leave this in the customer comment box. 

* I will still choose colors but all men’s at this moment will be made out of black fabric.

*Everything will ship out As soon as it’s ready. No more pick up orders.

* These masks are triple layered with a flannel cotton middle layer and will have a pocket for a paper filter. (Paper filter not Included)

*Disclaimer these are not a 100% virus proof. We will not be responsible if you still catch the virus. You will need to wash these and hang dry prior to use and every day they are used for them to be more effective. Try to avoid touching them as much as possible. 

*All masks are 100% cotton so I suggest hang drying.