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Car Diffuser Air Freshener Vent Clip

Car Diffuser Air Freshener Vent Clip

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Welcome to our car diffuser air freshener, designed to keep your vehicle smelling fresh and clean. With our product, you can eliminate unwanted odors and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy during your daily commute.

Our car diffuser air freshener is simple to use and requires minimal effort.
Directions for use:
Unscrew the wooden lid and temporarily remove the plastic stopper (don't throw it away)
Screw the wooden lid back on
Tip the bottle for ONLY 1-2 seconds to allow the fragrance to lightly wet the wooden lid. Replace the plastic stopper after tipping to ensure no spilling occurs.
If you tip for too long the fragrance has the potential to clog the wood and leak. Our diffuser oils contains fragrance oils which can damage surfaces. If it leaks or spills please wipe off surface immediately.
Tie the diffuser from your rearview mirror.
To refresh the fragrance tip the diffuser to reset the lid and replace the stopper. We do not suggest retipping until the previous fragrance on the lid is "dry to the touch" to prevent leaking.

Our product is compactly designed for easy storage in any vehicle type without taking up any space. It's lightweight and durable with an elegant design that complements any interior style.

If you're looking for an affordable way to keep your car smelling great then this is perfect for you.

We have a no refund or exchange policy as all of our items are made to order are are custom to each customer.